Born 1991 under post colonial classism& economic sanctions which inspired my music movement.   I recall the days when we ate nothing. And what kept us going was cornmeal porridge. I know this broke my father’s heart. The expression on his face as he assured us is nailed to my cornea unto this day. Often the water would be switched off due to cuts. We’d walk to a long distant location to qui up for water. Much more Frequent electricity supply would randomly switch off. You never forget that blanket of stars covering our horror. Skip a few years, my mother my hero got us into the UK. Its then I began writing and producing music at a primary school basement at the age of 15. We had no freedom to express our feelings. Kept those things bottled up for years. Music has truly saved my life. Finally I can express. Later developed a filming skill to complement the music. Was recruited into a small high school performance groups which assisted with educating on stage performance. Whilst studying as a scientist at the university of huddersfield, joined performance competitions from which I was awarded best performer and runner up in the finals. I did rap music then, which landed me to some local radio stations and festivals. In 2017 had an epiphany, I began to sing and found it conveyed intertwined my emotions and thought.Over the years have been working night shifts and few Health care jobs to support my music, wellbeing& STUDY. Picked up the guitar in January 2018 which has accelerated my music in the current genre. My social networks and music  has been growing immensely.

This sounds cliche but I truly want to help and my work be a blessing to the world. My story is just one of many. And my story is a paradise to many kids living in our blue planet. There is a kid who would die to have lived my life. I grew up with some of them. Its’s very unfortunate we had no freedom to express our feelings. Keep those things bottled up for years. Music has truly saved my life. Finally I can express. 

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